How should I store my Copper Pan Fudge Company Fudge?

Our Fudge is made in relatively small batches to ensure maximum taste . It should not be kept in the fridge as fudge doesn't like to be cold. If the fudge is kept at home in sealed containers it can last for up to 6 months (But it tastes sooo good, it really shouldn't last that long!). We place a Use by date on our packaging of 3 months from dispatch, this is a guide to ensure you enjoy your fudge whilst it tastes great.

Is your fudge dairy-free/gluten-free?
All of our fudge contains dairy so is not vegan. All of our fudge is vegetarian. Our basic fudge recipe is gluten free. Please consult the product listing on our website for allergen information.

When should I order my fudge (e.g. for Christmas/Easter/Mother’s Day)?
In order to ensure your fudge arrives on time, please give yourself plenty of time to order – see the Delivery page for more information.

As the fudge stays fresh for 3 months, you can order anytime in this time period, but we would normally recommend ordering up to 3-4 weeks before you need your fudge for maximum taste and quality.

What is the texture of your fudge? 
Our handmade artisan fudge is a creamy and smooth fudge, with the exception of our Peanut Butter Fudge. Our fudges are not waxy.